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Most of the time I believe in the power of words to convey an emotion thought or idea.  That is true except when it comes to discussing or explaining or describing A R T, which by its very nature uses many skills that are beyond or removed from words.

I can say I paint because it is a way of understanding life.

I can also say that I paint order to reign in personal demons.

I can say I paint to express experiences of personal sorrow, grief, isolation and joy. This would all be true but at the same time fiction, a book with confusing, ambiguous prose. I paint to see what I want to paint. I create a world that is drenched in color, light, forms, patterns and textures.  I paint to learn what I can and cannot do.

I paint and give a nod to the words akin to someone waving at a tornado full of bombastic fragments. These particles all swirl around and finally settle down quietly to contemplate a visual poem. The poem itself lacking all words.

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